Age Spots No Longer Just Another Part Of Growing Older

Once considered a part of the “aging process,” age spots, those round light brown dots that appear on your arms, face or back, no longer have to be part of the process.  There are some treatments you can use, once you realize that you don’t have cancer.

In fact, that is the point several doctors made when they discussed age spots – also called liver spots or sun spots – these brown or brown/black dots that usually appear around age 40 on your arms, hands, wrists, chests and face – are certainly not a sign of cancer or even a sign of aging, the truth be told. They are simply a sign that the skin coloring pigment, melanin has taken on a new shade.

Melanin is located in the area just beneath the skin and interact with things light ultraviolet radiation and sunlight to become darker. When we are young, the pigment gives us the great tans that everyone heads to the beach or backyard to achieve, but, as you age the melanin seems to become more selective and the words age spots appear in your doctor’s vocabulary.

Indeed, doctors were almost universal in urging patients to contact their physicians if age spots were starting to bother them or become a workplace or lifestyle issue because there are treatments that can make those spots disappear. Before those treatments, skin doctors recommend a thorough checkup just to make sure you are dealing with simple age spots because sometimes age spots and precancerous and cancerous growths can become a bit confused with all of the changes your body constantly undergoes.

If you are worried whether the brown spots that have suddenly begun to appear on your hands and arms are cancerous, then you can check yourself. If they new dots appear to be regular in shape and have no jagged edges or any sort of wound associated with them, then they are simply age spots and you can deal with them.

If you are looking for a quick fix, perhaps the easiest way to change your skin back to “normal” is to use one of the skin coloring or bleaching creams that are available. They are easy to use and while they may not be a permanent answer, they can help get you through that interview you are dreading. Even people as young as 40 can have age or liver spots appear. It is not something that you can control as it is under the control of your body.

The key to dealing with these spots is remembering that they take on whatever color light to which they are exposed. So a couple of quick blasts with the proper laser, driven by a specialist and they will be gone for good, unless you head out into the sun again.

That’s the key to age spots, the sun. If you manage to have them taken away, then why would you reverse the process by going back out into the sun again? It just doesn’t make any sense, doctors feel and they also believe it overturns all the work they’ve put in to you to make your age spots disappear.

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