Cause Of Hyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis can be very disgusting and disturbing when it shows up on the skin. It makes the skin ugly and it can also be scratchy. Scratching it may lead to bleeding and the condition may get worse.  Several methods of treatment had been developed for the removal of the skin condition from the skin. In case you are having it, you will never have any form of problem in getting rid of it within a rather short period of time. Before you can effectively and permanently get rid of the skin condition, it is very important for you to know what the actual cause of the skin condition is. Through this simple write up, some light will be shed one the possible cause of hyperkeratosis.

Thickening of skin layer

The skin condition can be caused by the thickening of the skin layer. This is due to some uncontrolled deposition of keratin in that particular part. The thickening can be very painful on its own. Scratching it may however make things worse. Before the thickening can come up, it is usually prompted by some other conditions. One of such conditions is infection. If the affected part of the skin is infected by a bacteria or any other foreign agent, it can result into hyperkeratosis.

In case you are feeling some itching on that particular part of the skin and you succumb to the temptation of scratching it, you may end up with hyperkeratosis on that part of the skin. It had also been discovered that most of the affected parts of the skin are those parts that are consistently exposed to pressure of friction. The areas of the palm and the sole of the feet are therefore highly susceptible to this skin condition.

If a particular part of the skin is also consistently exposed to any form of radiation, that part may also end up being affected by the skin condition. Excessive exposure of the skin to the sun may therefore not be helpful to the skin in the long run. If you consistently expose yourself to radiation; either for medical reasons or for some other reason, you may not be doing yourself much good.


It had also been discovered that hyperkeratosis can occur without being prompted by any of the conditions mentioned above. It can come up as a result of some congenital abnormalities. At times like this, the affected person has the skin condition right from birth.


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