Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis

Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis is a hereditary malady noticeable on the skin. Babies born with skin disorder look red with a frail skin susceptible to wounds and blisters. As the child grows, the blisters and wounds reduce and start forming scales. The scales are noticed mostly on the joints. The formation of scale is linked to hyperkeratosis. It is not a common skin disorder as it is linked with heredity. The cause of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis is linked to alteration of genes surrounding keratin.

There is no way to remove or remedy hyperkeratosis skin disorder but it can be managed by some treatments.  The symptoms generally starts showing up from child birth.  It includes peeling, redness and scorching of the skin.  As time progresses, the skin can become very thick and scales can be noticed on the surface of the skin. The skin disorder can be controlled by adequately moisturizing the skin, taking frequent baths and topical prescriptions.

In controlling the effect of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, it is necessary to moisturize the skin adequately.  Good creams can be applied regularly to inhibit the skin from scaling.  When the skin starts bringing out scale, it is exposed to a lot of infections.  Therefore, it is necessary to always cream the skin regularly. Oil retinoid can also produce effective result on the skin.  It is available for sale in different formats both offline and online.

Bathing for a long period of time can also keep the skin disorder in check.  Little sea salt can be added to the water for bathing to soften it and also eliminate any thickening skin found on the surface of the body. This can be done at least twice daily so that the effects of the skin disorder can be totally eliminated.

Another way to reduce the effect of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis is through gene therapy. Though, it is still under research, it will offer better hope for people suffering from the skin disorder.

Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis as seen above cannot be developed through any other means except heredity.  People suffering from the skin disorder should always consult dermatologists for better treatment options.  This is because scientists are still embarking on research to find a way to eliminate the skin disorder.  People affected should be opened to knowledge so that they will be properly informed of any new development that can bring succor to the sufferings.  They should also protect their skin from substances that can further aggravate the condition


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