Home Treatments For Hyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis is a skin disorder that is brought about the thickening of the skin. This is the skins defense mechanism against irritation, friction and pressure. This skin condition is normally painless and most people who have it are actually not aware that they do have it. Hyperkeratosis mostly affects parts of the body that are easily subjected to friction. These are the sole of the feet, the elbows and the knees. It is normally easily diagnosed by sight making biopsy unnecessary.

Hyperkeratosis has different and diverse treatment options. There are treatments that can be found at the chemist or administered by medical personnel. There are also home treatments for hyperkeratosis. Treatments for hyperkeratosis depend on the type of hyperkeratosis you are suffering from.

Soak the affected skin in hot oil treatments. The treatments cause the skin to soften and after sometime, the lesions will easily fall off.

Hyperkeratosis is caused by a deficiency in vitamin A. to treat this, take foods that are rich in the vitamin. Examples of foods to take are dairy products, liver, fish liver oil and beef. Vitamin A helps in the growth of new cells and their repair and that is why it is very important in your meal.

Keratosis pilaris is a mild type of hyperkeratosis. There are various home remedies for this type of hyperkeratosis. Include vitamin E supplements in your food. The food should also have omega 3 fatty acids.

Increase water intake. Water is very good at hydrating the skin. Hyperkeratosis is characterized by rough lesions and if they are hydrated, the lesions will be softened hence improves with time.

Burt’s bee exfoliating oil is a good remedy for hyperkeratosis. There are some types of hyperkeratosis that are not to be scrapped off as it is dangerous. Before you think of exfoliating, please see a dermatologist for proper advice on this home treatment.

Borage oil moisturizes the skin. Skin that has hyperkeratosis is normally very dry and moisture helps the situation. You should also improve your nutrition. Good nutrition is necessary for proper immune system. A good immune system ensures that the body is functioning well and repairs it too. You can also detoxify.

Finally, home treatments for hyperkeratosis are easily accessible and you have no reason not to treat it. The treatments are cost effective therefore affordable for everyone. Try out home treatments for hyperkeratosis and see good results.

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