How Hyperkeratosis Can Be Prevented & Treated

Hyperkeratosis is in fact hard rough areas of skin that can appear mostly in the female majority as they age. It is most commonly caused by the excessive growth of keratin in your skin that is mainly used to form hair and nails. It can also cause some itchiness, dryness and sometimes little pain. They can appear any where on the skin but few areas are most commonly get affected by hyperkeratosis. Such as:

Usually knees and elbows are typically involved for this hard rough skin. Hyperkeratosis can occur here because of the elbows keeps on repeating the leaning process and knees the kneeling process.

The skin of hand palms, as well as the soles and the heels is often more thickened. Here hyperkeratosis may develop because of wearing shoes that are not comfortable to you and sometimes walking bare foot may also cause it.

The other form that can appear on the back arms is known as Keratosis Pilaris. The thigh front and inner side of knees may also get affected by this foprm of hyperkeratosis.

Ther inherited form of hyperkeratosis is Ichthyosis due to this the skin can be dry and scaly that has resemblance with fish scales.

You must visit to a dermatologist in case of having any kind of hyperkeratosis who can better recommend you the treatment after examining your skin. Although there are various effective treatments for hyperkeratosis, finding a cure is better then treatment.

Preventing Hyperkeratosis

Knees and elbows:

  • Don’t lean on the knees and elbows
  • Use cushion pad for kneeling if required
  • Avoid rubbing and scrubbing on the certain areas

Calluses, Corns and Soles:

  • Don’t wear high heels because your all weight will put pressure on your soles
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Avoid barefoot walking
  • Avoid rubbing and scrubbing your feet soles


Dermatologist recommends the Treatments according to the type, cause and severity of hyperkeratosis. The main goal to achieve through these treatments is to make keratin soft by removing the thick skin. Certain kind of creams can be used in which Salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid and tretinoin is included for treating them.

Salicylic acid is one of the bets medications that can be used for hyperkeratosis. It also helps to enhance the shedding of hard skin to make it soften.

You can also use creams and lotion in order to treat hyperkeratosis by increasing the contents of water in your skin to make it soft. This help to breaks up the keratin lyses components. The alpha hydroxy acids, lactic and glycolic acids are more effective to remove the dead cell of skin and works as a moisturizer for the skin. Tretinoin is also very advantageous treatment for hyperkeratosis.