Hyperkeratosis is a skin disease widespread all over the world. Many people suffer from it. People of various ages and nationalities are subject to this disease. Many don’t pay attention to symptoms of this disease appearing gradually. Many simply don’t know that this disease can lead to very sad consequences. As well as any other disease, hyperkeratosis is necessary for revealing early stages of its development. Some people consider external signs of this disease as age changes of the top layers of a skin. Another way to say this is it is considered growing-old skin. Actually, from outer side, symptoms of this disease very much remind one of aging. In places contaminated by this illness, the skin becomes dark and brown. It is especially appreciable on sites of the skin around the elbows and knees.

Hyperkeratosis often contaminates sites of the body such as the heels and soles of the feet. It is arranged by the Mother Nature that skin in these parts is originally thick and rough; therefore, diagnosis of hyperkeratosis at early stages is almost impossible. Simply nobody pays attention to its symptoms, which appear on these parts. The thick skin on heels surprises nobody. One kind of hyperkeratosis is known as keratosis pilaris. This version of hyperkeratosis contaminates skin areas on the hands, hips of willows, and places located below knees. The first symptoms appear as a small thickening of a skin. Then there is a pigment originating in a hair follicle.

Another type of hyperkeratosis is epidermolytic hyperkeratosis. It is the most difficult and severe type of this disease. It is descended from the gene level. Accordingly, treating the given kind of disease it is very difficult. Full treatment does not occur frequently. It is possible to remove the external display, and to change the color of the infected site of skin by means of various preparations, but it won’t solve the problem completely. In an organism, there will be roots of this disease. The question of when they will appear is difficult to determine, but there is a 100% guarantee that they will appear. As well as any kind of disease, hyperkeratosis needs medical intervention. It is necessary to consult an expert in this area of medical knowledge concerning the treatment of hyperkeratosis. The doctor will state which preparations are better and will help to use them correctly. If necessary, it is possible to be under the supervision of a group of doctors in a hospital.

As a rule for those afflicted with hyperkeratoses, a doctor will appoint external preparations for the processing of the contaminated sites of a skin. These include various ointments, creams, compresses, and overlays. The main condition thus consists that the preparation should contain salicylic acid. Do not forget that full cure from this illness is only possible with constant supervision by doctors over a course of treatment. Do not try to cure this disease independently. Self-treatment can lead only to deterioration, and will take the position and transition of the disease to a higher level of development. It can lead to the formation of cancer; therefore, trust your health only to experts.


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