Hyperkeratosis And Warts

Hyperkeratosis is a condition that causes your skin to thicken in one area because of constant friction, applied pressure and rubbing together which leads to hardening of the skin. This is actually a defensive mechanism that prevents further wearing down of the skin tissues. Sometimes this condition may occur on its own and this usually happens after birth and is called congenital condition.

Depending on where the hyperkeratosis formed it may also be called calluses or corns. Corns and calluses depict themselves on the soles of your feet where your shoe rubs itself against your foot. Because of the friction buildup as a defensive mechanism your body adds an extra layer of skin for protection. This condition may also lead to another condition known as warts. Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus. It is contagious and contact with any infected person will only ensure that it spreads. Hyperkeratosis can also appear as a purplish tint and it does itch a lot. This condition is not only restricted to the external organs but it also affects inside the mouth. It manifests itself as whitish lesions due to the constant friction caused by dentures.


As mentioned earlier warts are a form of hyperkeratosis transmitted by the virus HPV. It is transmitted through contact as it is highly contagious. But there are instances where only one family member may have them without infecting the others. This infection is restricted to mainly two parts of the body, being the hands and the feet. Even with an increase in time, the warts will not spread to other parts of the body.

There are various types of warts and one of them is the common dome shaped warts. These can be normally found on the backs of knees, fingers and toes. There’s also the plantar wart. This wart can be found at the bottom of the foot and it is not to be mistaken with planter’s wart. It is found on the plantar part of the foot. Thirdly, there are flat warts. These are more versatile as they can occur on the face, legs, and other body parts. This time round they appear in a group. Periungual warts are unique warts as they are found only underneath the nail and the area surrounding it. Filiform warts appear as a long streak usually running down the side of the face. The treatment of warts may include acidic applications and freezing methods.

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