Hyperkeratosis On Hands

Hyperkeratosis is characterized by localized thickening of the dermis and is caused by many things. Some common causes are excessive friction to the skin, constant pressure, harmful radiation, and infection. It occurs as a result of accumulation of excess keratin on certain parts of the skin. Hyperkeratosis is quite common on the hands since most activities are carried out with the hands. The hands are also exposed to harmful radiation the most, especially from the sun’s rays. Hyperkeratosis forms as the body tries to prevent damage to deeper tissues of the body.

One of the ways in which hyperkeratosis can be dealt with is consistent cleaning. The affected areas should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly in order to get rid of the excessive keratin. Exfoliating is the best method to deal with hyperkeratosis. Cleaning should therefore be done with an exfoliating scrub preferably without using any soap. Constant cleaning has been known to not only remove the hyperkeratosis but also to hasten the skin’s healing process after the treatment.

Moisturizing is another good way to treat hyperkeratosis on hands. After a thorough wash with an exfoliating scrub, it is important to apply moisturizing cream on the area. This process helps to soften the area of skin affected by hyperkeratosis. It makes the removal of the accumulated keratin easier during subsequent washes. Moisturizing also helps to prevent accumulation of keratin since dry skin has been cited on many occasions to increase chances of hyperkeratosis. There are many moisturizing creams available in cosmetic stores and drug stores.

Another way to deal with hyperkeratosis of the hands is improving nutritional habits. Hyperkeratosis has also been known to occur as a result of a weakened immune system. A person should therefore eat foods that are complementary to the immune system in order to definitively deal with the problem. A balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables should be emphasized on. A lot of water should also be taken to keep the skin well hydrated.

One medical way to deal with hyperkeratosis is cryosurgery. This basically means freezing the area of skin affected by hyperkeratosis with liquid nitrogen. It later forms a scab which falls off to leave normal, healthy skin. Another method used is laser therapy. This involves vaporizing the hyperkeratosis with a high intensity light beam. It is known to be very effective. Hyperkeratosis is also removed by surgery. This process involves excision (cutting off) of the affected area. The area is then left to heal naturally.


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