Hyperkeratosis Treatments

Hyperkeratosis is a skin condition that is commonly associated with people over forty years of age. This condition has over a long time been associated with cancerous cells. The truth is that hyperkeratosis has no any relation with cancer. The symptoms are warty features on the skin. These features are so ugly that once manifested on your conspicuous part of the body then you will definitely be the centre of attraction wherever you are. Hyperkeratosis has no known cause. However, it can be treated. Despite the fact that this condition is prevalent among the older people, it must be noted that it is slowly trickling in the young generation. Experts say that the frequent use of some skin cosmetics among the young has led to this condition. There are several modes of treating hyperkeratosis. Here are some of the commonly known products to use when treating hyperkeratosis.

Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective substance that can totally clear the symptoms of hyperkeratosis. It is easily available in any store and can be obtained cheaply. Once you purchase it, dilute it to a 25% concentration. Thereafter, using a soft piece of cloth apply it on the affected area of the skin. After that, cover the area with a duct tape to increase the absorption rate. Do this repetitively for over a month and you will see the warty features fade.

Alternatively, you can use glycolic acid. It is a substance whose effectiveness is second to none. More so, it has withstood the test of time due to its ability to clear hyperkeratosis. Once you purchase it, dilute it to a concentration of 12% before applying it on the affected area using a soft piece of cloth. After that, cover the applied area with a duct tape. By so doing, you increase the chances of absorption into the skin. Do this daily for two to four weeks and you will see changes.

While using the two products, you have to take precautions. For example, always cover your eyes, nostrils and mouth when applying these substances in your face. In case you accidentally make them come in contact with these products you have to wash thoroughly before seeing a physician.

In conclusion, you need to understand that we have cartels offering skin products that are dangerous for your health. Do not be lured to purchase their products. Do a proper research and get the best and safe skin products.


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