Warts are common in kids than in adults are they contribute a nuisance on the surface of the skin though they are harmless and will naturally fade away with time. Warts can be described as viral skin infection which is caused by the virus strain-HPV. Though they are infections which can affect virtually any area of the body, however they are more common in moist and warm regions such as warm cuts, and scratches around the fingers , feet and hands. They are quite painless but will definitely become painful especially when they are located under the feet and in areas that get to touch each other frequently.

Warts infections are contagious in nature and kids can easily pick up the infection by playing with materials which a wart infected individual have previously used. It is believed that kids who touch wart-contaminated towels and bite their nails and fingers are often more predisposed to the infection.

There are four different kinds of warts and these are; Common warts, flat warts, filiform warts , and plantar warts.  Common warts are those that are normally found on the fingers, elbows, knees and the hands. They are small grayish-brown coloured small bumps which comes with rough surfaces and some black dots formation visible inside of them. Flat warts are smoother than other kinds of warts and they often appear as flat as they can. They often appear as yellow, light brown , or pink in colour, and they mostly appear on the faces. Plantar warts are basically found at the bottom of the foot, and they often make an individual feel like he or she is walking on small stones, they often make the person feel uncomfortable. Filiform warts are occur as finger-like shape warts, they appear as fleshy substances which often grow around the hands and feet.

Though warts can be treated effectively , however even when left untreated , it can take around 6 months to 2 years to go away on their own.  Warts can be treated in so many ways. The infections can be burnt away using a light electric current supply, cryosurgery{ peeling off while freezing liquid Nitrogen, Using some over-counter and prescription medications or Laser treatment for the most stubborn warts infections.

The prevention of warts is better than treating it, most children may not bear the pains of dealing with warts , hence parents are often advised to ensure that their kids are protect as much as possible especially through proper sanitization.