Hyperkeratosis- Who Should I see / Talk to?

Hyperkeratosis is characterized by the thickening of the outermost layer of an individual’s skin. The way an individual treats Hyperkeratosis will depend on the extent to which he or she is suffering from such infection. Some people may apply some forms of moisturizers to deal with the conditions while those individuals suffering from advanced forms of Hyperkeratosis {including calluses and corns} will need to see  and talk to a expert dermatologist to deal with the situation.

Hyperkeratosis often occur especially when the skin is trying to protect itself from constant friction and pressure . Individuals who handle metal , wooden or plastic tools for long periods of time often witness a friction and pressure between the surface areas of such tools and their hands, hence Hyperkeratosis such as calluses can develop in such areas. Inflammation, irritation and infection are some of the effect of effects which the body tends to prevent against outside elements and as a result thickening of the skin becomes more prominent.

You should visit a medical expert who will first of all examine the development of Hyperkeratosis on your skin through physical examination. To ascertain if the infection is actually Hyperkeratosis, the medical expert will subject the area of the affected skin to some form of Skin Biopsy , X-ray or any other advanced form of confirmatory diagnosis before any form of treatment is prescribed. Aside the Biopsy tests, a medical expert will likely offer you more information on the extent of skin damage as well as the likely consequences of not treating the infection on time.

Internet researches will offer you an immediate information on the symptoms , as well as possible ways of coping with Hyperkeratosis, hence you will still need to visit a dermatologist to prescribe the best medications for the treatment. A doctor may recommend cryo-surgery or chemical treatments such as salicylic acids to an hyperkeratosis infections if the infection might possibly lead to more skin complications while some mild forms of hyperkeratosis can simply be removed through non-surgical means .

Your doctor may let you know that burning off hyperkeratosis may lead to some form of scarring. He will also let you know the other possible side effects of other forms of hyperkeratosis treatments, hence you may probably find it difficult treating Hyperkeratosis on your own without making some internet research and talking to your medical expert.