Hyperkeratotic Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis, a type of hyperkeratosis is a skin disorder that can be experienced when the skin is exposure to excessive sunlight.  It makes the skin look rough wherever it is located.  It is red and uneven spot with scales.  It can look terrible on people.  People with actinic keratosis should remove it to give the body a beautiful appearance and to provide relief from pains.  People having actinic keratosis experiences excruciating pain when it is wiped against an object or rubbed with hands. It can develop into growth with horn and produces scale.  The area affected can swell out of the skin.

The skin disorder is predominant among people with light skin more than people who have dark skin.  It can also be noticed instantly on light skin which is the reason why people with actinic keratosis should get rid of it before it starts affecting their health.  People who love sun bathing are sometimes affected with actinic keratosis, especially if they have no protection whatsoever from the sun rays. Most people having actinic keratosis also have wrinkles on the spot where the keratosis is growing.  It can be a terrible sight.

Actinic keratosis can be seen in major parts of the body like the back, neck region, chest and arm.  It is commonly seen on the face and on the nose.  Weak resistance body system also plays a major part in getting infected with the skin disorder.  Actinic keratosis is a malignant growth on the surface of the skin. Because of this, it can be cancerous if it is left without treatment or removal. Another problem with it is that people hardly notice its existence until years later when it starts to grow.  It goes into the inner layers of the skin and totally infects the structure of the skin.

People affected with actinic keratosis should obtain proper counsel from their dermatologist so as to know the proper treatment available for the skin disorder.  Part of the skin can be taken out to the laboratory for biopsy to be carried out on the skin.  The result will determine whether it is actinic keratosis or not.  It can be treated by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the affected area of the skin.  It can also be removed by the aid of surgery.  However, it is necessary for actinic keratosis patients to keep away from the sun or use sunscreen to protect the skin from further aggravation.



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