Pigmented Hyperkeratosis

Pigmented hyperkeratosis has some link with the genetic make up of the affected individual. When it come sup on the skin, it look like bumps. It can come up on different parts of the body and the bumps are usually very rough in appearance. It is known to come up more often on the outer part of the arm; especially at the back of the hand.  It had been known to come up n the buttocks and the legs. On several occasions, it had also been discovered on the hands and the thigh.  The skin condition had also been found on places like the sole of the feet and the palms. There are times the skin condition appears on the face. It may not be the best of ideas to diagnose the skin condition at home by yourself. It is always better to rely on the judgment of a dermatologist. This is because the skin condition can look like acne at times.

Its prevalence

This skin condition is known to come up more on women than on men. It is more associated with adults, but this does not mean that it doesn’t affect the younger generation too.  It had also been discovered that the skin condition comes up on over 40% of the adults making up the world’s population. It is rarely found in the younger ones.  It had been found on up to 60% of adolescents also.

How it looks like

Pigmented hyperkeratosis is a rather special kind of keratosis. It normally appears like bumps on the skin. The bumps usually contain blood as the main constituent and this gives it a kind of reddish appearance. It can come up on several parts of the body. But over time, it had been discovered to be more on places like the legs, the head and the arms. When you discover the kind of growth described above on any of the mentioned part of the body, you should know without doubt that what you are having is pigmented hyperkeratosis. Pigmented hyperkeratosis is due to the accumulation of excess keratin on the skin. This skin condition does not have any negative impact on the affected person. You can decide to leave it untreated if you are not bothered about the cosmetics effects it may have on you.


Once you notice the skin condition on you and you want to get rid of it, you should not attempt to get things done on your own. Instead, pay a visit to the hospital.


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