Treatment For Hyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis is the thickening condition of skin that is found in women who have brown skin. When keratin increases in the upper layer of skin, hyperkeratosis generates. Keratin increases the thickness of the skin, but this thick skin protects it from applying any pressure and irritation. Most of the forms of Keratosis are painless, but they can appear on any part of the skin. The most common areas where hyperkeratosis may appear include elbows and knees. When repeated leaning and pressure is applied on elbows and knees, the skin become thicker and cause hyperkeratosis. The other areas where these spots may appear include palms, soles and heels. This form is due to the hard shoes and walking barefoot on the floor. The hyperkeratosis that appears on the back of arms and inside the knees is called pillarist.

How to diagnose hyperkeratosis? There are different methods that are used by doctors to examine hyperkeratosis in women. After seeing the skin, doctors decide the suitable method of treatment. No cure is required by most forms of the hyperkeratosis as they are painless and have no bad effect on skin. However, there are many treatments available. The best treatment of hyperkeratosis, as recommend by most of the doctors, is prevention and care. You should avoid leaning on knees and if you find hyperkeratosis symptoms, do not push or rub the affected part. Always try to wear open shoes and avoid hard shoes and walking bare foot on the floor. If spots appear on the soles, then do not rub them as it may increase infection inside.

What is the best method of treatment and on what factors it depends? The method of treatment depends on the affected area, location where hyperkeratosis appear, cause of the infection and severity. All the methods of treatment try to soften the keratin inside the skin and first step is to remove the thick part of the skin. The ingredients that are helpful in this regard include topical creams having salicylic acid, lactic acid or urea as ingredients. For removal of hyperkeratosis from brown skin, discoloration is the best treatment, but the best treatment for hyperkeratosis is salicylic acid. This acid breaks up the chain of keratin and helps in removing the thickness of the skin. One of its advantages is that it enhances the shedding of the skin and its use reduces water losses from the skin and increase the water requirement of the skin.


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