What To Know About Age Spots

Age spots, also known as sun spots, liver spots or solar lentigines are results of excessive exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Skin cells and DNA are altered by the ultraviolet rays that comes from the sun. The damaged melanocytes are accumulated, and brown spots appear on skin. Having age spots is an part of getting old, but it really has nothing to do with age.

Money, time and effort should be spent to effectively eliminate age spots.   Age spots on face and hands are common, but worry no more since there are many age spot remedies available.

You have to be sure that those brown spots you have are age spots so seek advice from a doctor first. You can also begin by cutting your sun exposure. That also includes tanning. If they are indeed age spots, you can already choose your method on how to remove age spots. Laser treatments, for example Nd:YAG laser, are effective methods to cure age spots. These methods are painless, scarless and bloodless. They can rate too much however.

If you choose cheaper means, you can also try using skin whitening and bleaching creams. These creams often contain hydroquinone, kojic acid or glycolic acid. With proper you’re your age spots will be vanished in a certain period of time. Some companies combine vitamins to their product. There are also products with lycopene, for a pinkish glow.

Chemical peels are also good for those whose budget cannot afford laser treatments. Old skin is peeled off through using chemical peels, letting new skin cells to grow. Examples of chemical exfoliants include alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl peels.

You can also add microdermabrasion to your probable form of treatments. This method removes the upper layer of skin by using micro abrasive crystals. It can also even irregular coloration on skin.

Another liver spot removal treatment is cryotherapy. Its downside is that a scar can be lefton the treated area.

If you have undergone such treatments, you have to make skin care a habit to prevent age spots from coming back. You can apply exfoliating creams or soaps. Also wear a full-spectrum sunscreen when you go out.

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