Will My Children Get Hyperkeratosis?

Hyperkeratosis is a skin disorder where the skin is thickened due to over production of keratin. This is usually the skin’s defensive mechanism against irritation and pressure. Friction also causes this defense mechanism and the skin produces more keratin to counter the effect of friction. Hyper keratosis is known to affect areas of the body that are easily subjected to friction. These include; the knees, elbow, the soles of the feet and the palm. Hyperkeratosis is painless at most times and therefore, the people who have it do not realize that they have this skin condition especially when it is in areas where pigmentation is darker like the elbow. There are numerous forms of hyperkeratosis. There is actinic keratosis which is premalignant, seborrheic keratosis, warts, corns and calluses.

There are forms of hyper keratosis that can affect children. The main reason for this is that they inherit hyperkeratosis from their parents. In this case, you cannot prevent your child from getting this skin disorder. Children have the most sensitive skins and therefore skin care for your children is very important. Hyperkeratosis is the skins defense mechanism against friction and pressure. Ensure that your children are wearing the correct shoe size that fits them well. You should also ensure that they rest their elbows on cushioned places and do not walk bare foot.

There are many treatment options for hyperkeratosis. It can be treated by the use of moisturizing lotions. These lotions have special components in them that enable them to hydrate the dry and scaly lesions. After lotion use, the lesions soften.

Hyperkeratosis can be treated by drinking plenty of water. Water is good for hydrating the skin. It keeps the skin at optimal temperature and also keeps it soft. If you increase your water intake, the scaly and dry lesions will begin healing from inside and after some time, you will be free from hyper keratosis. Herbal and kitchen treatment options are also available. For corns and calluses, you can use padding on the lesion.

In conclusion, hyperkeratosis can indeed affect children. This skin disorder can be easily prevented and you should take the preventive measures for your children. Always ensure that they avoid as much friction as possible and that they do not subject their skin to friction. Suppose your child gets this skin disorder, do not despair as it is very painless and they might not notice that they have it.


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